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Do you really know where to go when holiday time comes around? Or how to prepare?

I am sure that question wouldn’t apply for some of the readers, but more than 50% doesn’t really have an answer for this question. So, to know what location is the best for you for your next vacation plans, you must analyze your priorities, you are a hot or cold weather lover, or cultural aspects, you are a history person, or just an art lover, etc. We can start with weather. Generally people living in Northern part of Earth would love to go warmer places. Indeed for people living in Hot places like Deserts, or desert like areas would love to go to cooler part of the World. So that is the general view for travelers, but for many travelers historic spots of the World still are the best spots, and the most desired spots. Europe is the most desired place for travelers overall. But some countries are more than others in Europe. You must choose your interest. Some religious travelers prefer religious, historic spots as their priority. So, you must choose your spots as your the most desired spots, and make a list, now you know your first destination. Another challenge is the budget matter, for many travelers, or i should say future travelers have the finance as their first handicap. So, you must make a very tight plans for your future plans, like traveling other than paying your mortgage, or saving some money for your child’s college. Overall a trip must be planned very good also, you must work on details, like what you need to do go to your destination country. Do you need a visa? If so, how long ago you should start the process. Or, learn a few words of local language just to introduce yourself, or ask a direction. Try to learn a few local cultural values, like how people feel about certain things, persons, and understand their priorities. That would make it easy to make some connections with locals, and telling them you can understand them. At Seal Transportation we do our best to show travelers that how to be a local, since we are in Southern California. That would make you feel like a local if you know a few details about the city, and Latin culture. And some details would be same around the whole South America. It’s just something you must know. So, we don’t look at it as simple San Diego Airport Rides, but providing some valuable help to our clients while they are in the car. And we do provide city tours for travelers who really curious about San Diego City, and surroundings. Our chauffeurs are very competent, and have the knowledge of the entire area, even some historic facts could be heard from them during the rides. It makes you comfortable when you know that the driver knows what he is doing, and know the area very well. And besides that you should always know that going with the best is the best way of moving around.

Holiday is coming soon, Are you ready?

When summer is around the corner, people start feeling different, like energetic, happy, hyper etc. And spring is just showing her face to us, now you can feel the air is warming up, and feel that summer is around the corner, make your plans through. And of course for many people it’s not just if you really want to go for a trip this summer, but you gotta handle your finance also. And you may want to go at a certain month, certain week of that month. So, i say you must start your summer plans now, and immediately. Obviously when the weather warm up it changes the mood of people, and everybody starts to make plans. That’s how you could understand that spring is already around just seeing the mood of people already being changed. Anyway let’s get back to our subject, first of all finance, and than the timing, than the details of your summer vacation after you decide where to go. You will need to prepare in different ways even if you are going to same country but a different location. Know the culture, learn a few local words, know the safety level of the area, learn whats important for the locals culturally. That will make you more local, and makes you move around easily. So, from that point you also make arrangements for yourself too. If you are traveling with your family, then this will change the whole course of traveling. Now we can talk about kids. Traveling with kids means more bags, limited options of accommodation, limited of moves etc. Of course you will have fun but, must say that you are not going to have fun like single, or couple people traveling around. So, that makes a different story around, and i could give some advice, or some tips. You gotta make sure that you get everything your kid(s) will need during the trip, like food, baby food, etc.. If something you can’t take with you then check the locations you will be visiting if you could find there, and look for the options you have to provide that. And check the prices also, you never know. Check the airports, their security policies, how they welcome Americans, or in general tourists. Make a list for the places you want to visit, and prioritize them because you may have time problem, or unexpected incidents that may cause a change of plans. And make sure you have extra money for unexpected expenses. One of the important things that make a big difference is your health insurance, at least you can get a travel insurance that covers you during your travel. Make sure you choose the places that does not charge too much for a meal, but provides a decent service and let you get the local kitchen varieties at a decent cost. Know the best food in the area, and what the city is famous for. From that point you could get the best out of it. If you have kid/s, and need car seat(s), then look for your options in your destinations, Seal Transportation provides the best service in car service business, and have many transportation solutions for tourists, as well as locals, business travelers. Quality is important in transportation, and it does not have to be costly. Seal Transportation is one of the best options for travelers visiting San Diego area for transportation solutions. It starts from the airport and does not end at the hotel. Around the city, to/from attraction points, or point to point transfers, or even LAX transfers, Seal Transportation provides a very quality service. Anywhere, but anywhere you can in entire Southern California, from Los Angeles to Riverside, or San Ysidro to Burbank, or CBX to Malibu. So if you are planning to visit San Diego, call us, we will be happy to help you, and make your visit more enjoyable!

Some Useful Tips to choose the Right Car Service

It always about being a regular, dependable, and accountable in business, and personal life, relations, or every corner of life. We started from that point, and we wanted to make sure that our customers can count on us, when it comes to service quality, and providing dependable service. Punctuality is the most important point of providing a dependable service, and not just picking up on time, getting to the destination timely is also important, and that part sometimes plays more important role than picking up on time, because it requires very well trained drivers, coordination for emergency situation on the way, knowledge of the driver’s of the roads, and skipping the traffic situations if needed, and also make sure the vehicle maintained very well also. Integrity is then more important than punctuality for us to provide complete high quality service for our customers.











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