Planning to Visit San Diego this Summer with your family?

Well i will try to answer some common questions, and give you some warnings, tips, a few little tricks about visiting San Diego if that’s your plan this summer.

I saw many times at San Diego Airport that families stuck with a little problem. And that little problem becomes a big pain in the neck that they did not take it serious before they get that no u-turn point. A child seat was the problem, they didn’t think hard, or even a little online search would give them a warning. Now they can’t find a reliable car service, or a taxi service with child seat. Keep calling cab, or car companies but no result, especially they don’t even have any reservation, and of course on Public Transportation buses child seat is not a requirement, but they are vacationers, and going to hotels, most buses don’t really go by hotels, and also it’s a big problem with suitcases, stroller etc.. You can add more but this is a killing pain, i give you one simple solution that solves your problem, call Seal Transportation for child seats, and make a reservation if you are coming to San Diego, and needed a child seat. They will take care of you, and provide a decent child seat. Problem solved!

And also i want to mention about one thing, you must have a plan about what places you want to visit. Yes, there are so many places to visit, and your time may not be enough to do all. Make a list and prioritize them, problem solved! Or actually call Seal Transportation guys and get a city tour service for your family for 4-5 hours, their price is good enough to try, and see many places at once. What could be better than this!

I am sure a lot of you heard good things about San Diego like Sunny, Nice California beaches, super hot Mexican Food, or Coronado Island. Also there are a few famous point of interests like Hotel Del, La Jolla, Old town, Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Safari Park, or Legoland are some of the most known places in San Diego. By the way i really want to mention about it while i can write, and still have some space for that.

It’s all about fun, having good time with the people you love, with the people you call family, friends. And fun gets bigger and bigger once it’s shared. And with kids it’s a different story. Once parents have kids their lives change forever, and love in the family becomes bigger, and permanent, and for parents their kids are the most important ones in their lives, and when they travel safety comes out as the most important matter, and at Seal Transportation drivers, and dispatchers know all those about. We just want to make sure that you and your kids travel in a safe manner, and also get the destination timely.