San Diego Airport Car Service 858-224-5474

Why we wrote San Diego Airport Car Service? Of course a lot of people searching for that service, and there are not so many of reliable companies. But i can advise you one company that name is Seal Transportation. The company works in a different way than regular ones. First of all They do not have employees, but teams. They do not have classic dispatch center, but a has an automatized one. Their fleet is one of the best in entire San Diego and Los Angeles. I am just mentioning about their fleet, work style but before you get a ride you wouldn’t know how it could be! And also just to point on one thing with this company, this is the only company that you would feel that one of your family members driving you to your destination. That’s how i could explain better than using any other word, or expression. You will feel like one of your family members giving you a lift. They care about their customers in real, being on time, watching traffic are some of the regular policies they have, and i can’t ask more when i am getting a ride from Seal Transportation. Of course there are many other option are available like ride sharing companies, still cab companies are around. But in a regular way college students are using ride sharing companies in a regular basis. You would use them for a short distance if you are in downtown, or a busy area. I gotta think twice if i want to use a ride share for my airport transportation, or if i need to send my child to school,or for a special event, than this changes everything. Safety is the most important issue when it comes to transportation. It’s always about choices you have, and i am glad that there are options out there.

At the end of services if the core service was done good, normally people do not remember any of details, or the people they get service from, but they remember the nice little touches, and some kind and thoughtful moves, or words. So the team at Seal knows all those service tips, and they know that they can be remembered that way, so they care about the details, and don’t miss any little things around. You know what they say in an advertisement “you are in good hands” , yes with Seal Transportation, you are in good hands. Sometimes it’s really good, or at least it feels good when you pay less for a service that would be the same to the other same level services. But, as i said since Uber is in the market, and dominating the market, then it’s not just about cost, but safety, but luxury. What happened recently is a big very big impact, and a lesson for a lot of young girl;s, even for kids. You can’t trust your daughter with an alien who is an Uber driver, especially nights. But you can trust your kids with a limo driver from a reliable limo company, a car service like Seal Transportation. Uber guys do their job as a part of their extra income, but a limo driver does it for living. It’s that simple. So, you may just want to know that, so basically you are paying for some more you are getting a way better service. In long distances like LAX, even cheap Uber cars cost more than us. Because they charge per mile, and also you will be riding a Prius, not a new black Cadillac XTS sedan.

Well, life is different every year as we get older, but the thing is that the guys at Seal Transportation (drivers) have a knowledge that allows them to drive with the consideration of the ages of the riders. Yes, they adjust their driving style with the ages of the passengers no matter what. But whoever is the passenger, safety is the first thing, so : you are in good hands.