Why Car seats for children is important?

We all were kids once upon a time. And in old times there was no seats for kids. So, from that point, you may find it too complicated today dealing with car seats, but once you remember that it’s all about safety of your kids, you would be saying “Okay, that’s really a must”. Today’s technology, new ways of living show that safety is a must in our lives. And when it comes to children, our most valuable treasures, our future, no doubt all parents will be concerned, and new laws made by people who are parents in the same time, so no discussion about children’s safety.

When it comes to first time parents it might be confusing to choose the right car seat for the kids, or use them in a right manner. So we just want to explain a little bit about child car seats.

Toddler Car Seats

Toddler Car Seat

Toddler car seats are for the children between 2-4 years old kids. In some cases 1.5 years old kids may need to use it if they are over 40 pounds. Newer car seats allow both straps, and seat belts. Parents can choose which ever is easier, or allowed because of the car seats, and newer cars have straps also, today.

Note: Seat belts—If you install a child safety seat using your vehicle’s seat belt, you must make sure the seat belt locks to help get a tight fit. Today newer cars allow that, and seat belt by pulling it all the way out and then allowing it to retract to keep the seat belt tight around the child safety seat. And also most newer child seats have a mechanism that lock the safety seat to the seat belt itself.

Infant Child Seats

Infant car seats can be used for the kids under 2 years old, or under 40pounds. In most cases kids over 6 months up to 2 years old require to use rear facing child safety seats.

Infant Child Seat

Parents normally get better straining car seats after a few trips. And at Seal Transportation we do provide standard car seats, so the parents can deal with them easily. Also our vehicles have straps also.

New born/ Baby Car Seats

Those car seats are more smaller than infant child safety seats, and most of the have adjustable seat back also. New born to 6 months old babies can use them, and some babies may need them if they are under 22 pounds even they are older than 6 months.

Baby Child Seat

Booster Seats

Children between 4-8 ages, and 40 pounds to 80 pounds must use booster seats, and wear seat belts during a trip in a vehicle.

Booster car seat

Please check all states child car seat regulations if you are traveling to another state other than California here.

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